Our Performers for the 2017 Faire Season

Brotherhood of the Arrow & Sword
Feel the excitement and hear the sound of steel on steel as this historical reenactment group demonstrate fully armored LIVE STEEL combat.

B.O.N.E.S. (Brethren of the North East Seas)
With their songs of the sea, this New England Pirate Guild will surely bring out the pirate in you and leave you yelling AARRRR!!!

The Corr Thieves
They sing, they dance, and spread hilarity everywhere they go. Their action and humor filled show is guaranteed to leave you breathless with laughter.

Queen’s Tea
Bring the wee ones for lemonade and cookies with the Queen Herself, she will even have her personal knight present to knight them and Her Majesty will be awarding certificates of ladyship.

The Misfits of Avalon
Sit and relax while this duo of minstrels play contemporary and traditional Celtic songs on the harp, guitar, and hand dulcimer.

Myschyffe Managed
This motley crew will enchant you with their acapella music and songs from around the world.

The Primrose Pirates
Come and learn the piratical way with sword  fighting and live black powder. Bring the wee ones to try their luck against a REAL pirate at a ‘Pummel a Pirate’.

Watch as these beautiful gypsies mesmerize and delight as they belly dance their way into your heart.

Granny Grue the Zombie
Come and see our resident zombie as she sings her silly tales and meet Rosco the whatsis, Granny’s magical friend.

Brother Sylvan
Take yourself away with the poetry and readings of the traveled wandering bard.

Dirge Queen
You may laugh, you may even cry, but your heart will surely be warmed by the voice of this musical queen.

Kate the Storyteller
Get taken away by the stories that could bring even the oldest soul back to their childhood.

The Longshanks
This storytelling dup will lighten your heart and entertain your soul, wandering about the shire with grace and ease as they perform on stilts right before your eyes.

The Three Busketeers
This band of musical bards will make you spin with their good ol’ Irish pub song, shanties, and more.

Les Jeux De Rois
Jousting at its finest, this group of jousters from all over have come together to bring you the thrill of the “Game of Kings”.

Rufus the Mudbegger
A true musical savant, our resident mudbegger will charm you with his wit, talent, and antics…or he’ll leave you speechless and confused. Either way, you are sure to love him.

Fiddler of The Shire
With the sounds of a fiddle dancing in the air on a bright Spring day, this young and talented lass will lift your spirit and soul. Be sure to see our Queen’s fiddler.

Dark Follies
This troupe of talented performers will blow you away with juggling, dancing, music, acrobatics, and more.

Magical Mage
This young magician will leave you stumped with his magic and illusions. Watch and be amazed as he attempts to trick your mind.

Jack Sparrow of the N.E.B.P.
The scarves of pirate somehow finds trouble anywhere he goes ‘cause that’s the life of a pirate…or maybe just Jack. Either way, hide the rum!

D.A.M.E.S. (Daring Adventuresses Mastering Essential Services)
Mischievous, beautiful, and full of soul, these talented ladies will leave you speechless with their enchanting voices and harmonies.